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  • Open Date : 2020/10/13 08:02
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My recorder does not recognize the storage medium for copying recorded images.


It may require time for a recorder to recognize a storage medium such as USB memory stick, SD memory card or external HDD.
Wait for 30 seconds after connecting an external storage medium, and then click [Copy] button.
USB memory stick and external HDD need to be formatted in advance for use with the recorder.
Refer to your recorder's operating instructions for the type of operable external storage media and the format specified by the recorder.
Operating instructions are available at https://security.panasonic.com/training_support/documentation_database/
For the list of verified external storage media, refer to "Support Information for External Storage Media 【C0107】" at  https://security.panasonic.com/training_support/support/info
This article applies to:
WJ-NV300, WJ-NX200, WJ-NX300, WJ-NX400