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Do i-PRO cameras support both TypeA and TypeB for PoE power sourcing equipment?


 i-PRO cameras except as follow, support both Type A and Type B for PoE power sourcing equipment
and conform to IEEE802.3af or IEEE802.3at (only for PTZ models) standards.
[Non-supported models]
   WV-SBV111M、WV-SBV111M and the models that M connecter is used
   *The models above support only Type A for PoE power sourcing equipment.
*Type A: A method of sharing data lines of 100BASE-TX (Pin 1, Pin 2, Pin 3 and Pin 6)
  with power supply lines 
*Type B: A method of using empty data lines of 100BASE-TX (Pin 4, Pin 5, Pin 7 and Pin 8)
  as power supply lines