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Are there any precautions to observe when installing a network camera outdoors? [i-PRO / i-PRO smart HD]


Outdoor devices are always affected by the natural environment.
They generally suffer from faster product degradation, including fittings and cables. Degradation not only leads to shorter product lifetime, but also increases the risk of accidents, including falloff or rollover of the device (caused by degradation or damage to the main unit, fittings, or screws) and electric shock or burst (caused by degradation of electric circuits and cables).

- Observe high and low limits of temperature and humidity. Do not install the device at a location with temperature and humidity conditions not supported by the product. It is particularly important to prevent product failure due to condensation and other ambient conditions.
- Do not install the device in a location exposed to gases.
- Do not install the device in an unstable location.
- Ensure installation strength.
-- Do not mount on a wall or a ceiling with insufficient installation strength.
-- In case installation strength cannot be ensured, always perform reinforcement to ensure sufficient strength.
- Basically, perform a fail-safe installation.
- Remove the product after use to prevent a fall. Do not leave it unattended.
- Besides the above points, do not perform installation without observing "Safety Precautions" or "Notes to Users" detailed in the Operating Instructions or Installation Guide that comes with each product.
- Ensure to protect the device from rollover or slipoff, taking natural environmental conditions (wind, rain, snow, etc.) into consideration.
- When installing on a metal roof, ensure the device is properly insulated.
* In addition, follow the same insulation precautions also when mounting steel wires or similar material to prevent rollover.
- Do not install a product not suited to the installation conditions outdoors.
- Perform maintenance checks to prevent occurrence of and fix unsafe parts. (Emphasize importance of maintenance checks to users)