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Phenomenon: ASM200/ASM970 freezes (Issue related to NIC card). What should I do?

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1.  How to recognize this issue( NIC card issue)
   Please open “command prompt” and send the “PING” command to the cameras or
   If you can not get any response from those devices, it might be NIC card issue.
   If you can get response, this might be other issue. Please check with the other
   Technical Information. 
2. Root cause :
   We were reported this NIC card issue from several our customers who use specific 
   NIC card (Chipset) as listed below.
   We are under investigation about this NIC issue.
   But this issue can be avoided by using additional NIC card.
 Product number with issue:
  1. Intel 82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection
         * Mainly, it is used by Core2 Duo series
     2. Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection
         * It is used by Core i3, 5, 7 series
  The phenomenon :
    Communication of a LAN card becomes dead lock.   
3. Countermeasure:
     We recommend using these tested NIC cards as below in this case.
       Model NumberFS215AA
       Model Name: NetXtreme Giga-bit Ether Plus(1x PCI Express)
       Manufacture Broadcom