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  • Open Date : 2013/03/04 13:40
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Is the "Easy Start" function really easy? [WJ-NV200]


We performed a test in which we asked young businessmen who had never handled IP cameras before to actually connect the devices.

<TASK Description>
1) Register and set recording for cameras (three) using "Easy Start".
2) Confirm the settings using the details settings screen of the WJ-NV200 camera.
3) Confirm the settings using the web browser details settings screen of the camera.
4) Initialize once, and perform configuration corresponding to "Easy Start" with the advanced settings screen, etc. (To have them experience the convenience of "Easy Start")
5) Questions and answers about functions, specs, etc.

- The "Easy Start" task was finished in 10 minutes.
Even beginners were able to proceed to start recording without trouble.
- On the other hand, at Step 4), registration of three cameras alone took 20 to 30 minutes.