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  • Open Date : 2020/10/29 06:30
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The image is out of focus while in black and white mode at night while it looks fine in color mode during the daytime.


Cameras with "Day & Night(IR)" function automatically readjust the focus when the mode is switched to black and white at night.
However, as the performance of Auto focus/ Auto back focus in the dark may be lower than that of during the daytime, images can go out of focus.
Adjust the focus manually while in black and white mode at night and store the position in the camera, so that the camera can set the focus to the memorized position when switching modes.
How to setup:
Open the [Setup] menu-> [Image/Audio]-> [Image quality]-> [Focus]/ [Zoom/Focus adjustment]/ [Back focus]
1. Adjust the focus position manually in black and white mode
2. Select "Preset" for [Adjusting method]
3. Click the [Set] button.

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