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  • Open Date : 2020/10/05 22:44
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What does the error log "Recording error(WCK):" indicate in WJ-NX200, NX300 and NX400? And what are the cause and countermeasure?


Recorder displays "Recording error(WCK):" when:
- it has not received the image data
- recording fails due to HDD failure
This error occurs even when the recorder and camera are communicating correctly.
Estimated causes:
- The network communication lacks bandwidth
- Mismatched compression methods (under both of following conditions):
      * When [Connection method] = "RTSP" or "Internet mode"
      * When [Compression] of recorder = "H.265", [Stream encoding format] of camera = "H.264"
- Failure due to worn-out HDDs
- Separate the section with lack of bandwidth.
  Lower the value of image quality or rate for recording conditions of the camera is use.
  Check the performance of Hub.
- Use the same compression method for camera and recorder
  Setting procedure in recorder:
   [Maintenance] -> [System management] tab -> [Other] -> Click [Execute] button of [Synchronize the camera's settings with this unit]
- Check errors in HDDs
   If you see "Write error" or "SMART warning" in the error log, your HDDs may need to be replaced.
   Contact your dealer for HDD replacement.
This article applies to: WJ-NX200, WJ-NX300, WJ-NX400K

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