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Are there any way to confirm if WJ-ND400 has synchronize with NTP server?


It can be confirmed according to the following procedure.

1. Click the [Setup] button, click the [Server] button and select the “NTP” tab
2. In “Time adjustment”, select “Off” and click [Set] button. 
    And then select “On” and click [Set] button.
    *Be sure to write down date and time when this operation has done.
3. Click the [Control] button and click the [Network log] button of the [Log] box
    And click the [List] button
    #Search “Time & date” which was written down above procedure 2 in this list and confirm the “Log”. 
       If “<NTP>GET_TIME_OK” is displayed in the “Log”,
          WJ-ND400 synchronizes with NTP server successfully.
     #If "<NTP>SVR_ERR" is displayed in the “Log”, it means “No response from the NTP server “.  
        Therefore WJ-ND400 has not synchronized with NTP server.
Regarding the other logs related to NTP server, see as follow;

 - <NTP>SVR_ADD_ERR: Failed to resolve NTP server address from DNS
 - <NTP>SET_TIME_ERR: Failed to adjust the time
 - <NTP>TIME_INVALID: Time from the NTP server is invalid
 - <NTP>OTHER_ERR: Other errors for NTP

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