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When NVRs are connected to NTP server, and NVRs and cameras which are connected to NVRs are synchronizing the time with NTP server, are there anything to be careful of?


Points of attention regarding time synchronization are in the following.
1. In case of installing NVRs for the first time
   1) After NTP server is started in 20 minutes
     a) If NTP setting in NVRs has already been set to ON
         - Start up NVRs.
     b) If NTP setting in NVRs isn’t set to ON
         - Change NTP setting from OFF to ON
   2) After NTP server is started, set the time in NVRs as time difference between
       NTP server and NVRs is less than 1000 seconds. 
2. In case of restarting NVRs due to power failure after synchronization is established
    Both NTP server and NVRs can be restarted at the same time. 
    NVRs are synchronizing the time with NTP server in 20 minutes.
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