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  • Open Date : 2017/11/28 09:53
  • Updated Date : 2018/09/06 16:12
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What kind of methods can be performed various settings for i-PRO cameras?


It is performed various settings in i-PRO camera through a network (LAN or Internet) from PC.
There are two methods in the following by whether a single i-PRO camera or 
a plurality of i-PRO cameras to be set.
1. A single i-PRO camera
     Start up the web browser (IE and so on) on PC, and enter the IP address 
     in the address box of the browser.  
     In Setup -> Setup menu, perform various settings.
2. A plurality of i-PRO cameras
     Start Panasonic Security System Configuration Tool (PSSCT) 
     and perform various settings.  
     Also itt is possible to perform various settings by batch and 
     to restore the backed-up setting data.
*PSSCT and the information for “Operating Instructions” and “Available function list” 
 are available at the following URL.
  tool: Panasonic Security System Configuration Tool

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