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  • Open Date : 2017/09/29 11:18
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Is it possible to turn off the camera time and date from the WV-ASM200 display?

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There are three locations to be displayed the time and date in Operation Window of WV-ASM200.
These locations are shown in the picture by clicking "WV-ASM200_date_time.png" as below.
The method how to turn off is different depending on the location.
[How to turn off]
1.  OSD (On Screen Display)
    - This is set in each camera setting. 
    - It can be changed to access the camera browser, click “Setting” button, 
      and set “Basic - Time & Date - Time Display format” to “Off”.  
2. Time and date at the upper right of Live screen
   - This is set at the Menu bar in Operation Window of WV-ASM200.
   - Regarding the method how to set the Menu bar and the example of before and after operation, 
     click "WV-ASM200_date_time_case2(before).png" 
     and "WV-ASM200_date_time_case2(after).png" as below.
   - It can be changed to set unchecked on “Camera/time & date (I)”
     *In this case the camera title is not displayed, too.
3. Time and date at the Status Bar
   - This is always displayed, so it is impossible to turn it off.
     This is a specification of WV-ASM200.

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