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  • No : 6561
  • Open Date : 2017/07/28 00:00
  • Updated Date : 2017/10/31 09:42
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Is there any difference of heater performance in outdoor PTZ camera depending on power source, such as 24VAC, Tested PoE injector (60 W) and PoE+?


Yes.  There is any difference of heater performance depending on power source.
Outdoor PTZ camera has two built-in heaters.
When PoE+ is used, one built-in heater will be started.
When 24VAC or the Tested PoE injector (60 W) is used, two built-in heaters will be started.
Two heaters are suitable for low temperature.
Therefore in the low-temperature environments such as -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit) and less,
or in the region with strong wind and heavy snow,
please use 24VAC or the Tested PoE injector (60 W).
*Target models: WV-X6531N, WV-X6511N, WV-SW598A, WV-SW598, WV-SW397B, WV-SW395A, WV-SW395
 Note that the models which are available to use the Tested PoE injector (60 W),
 are WV-X6531N, WV-X6511N, WV-SW598A, WV-SW598 and WV-SW397B. 
*PTZ: Pan, Tilt and Zoom

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