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  • Open Date : 2013/03/04 13:40
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Panasonic launched 3 models of Outdoor Pan-tilt Network Camera at the same time. Why could it do such thing ?


Those 3 models are SW175 SW174W and SW172.
Please look over the catalogue or .net web about the detailed specifications of 3 models.
Saying about the reason of the release at the same time,that is for replying the satisfaction of customers.
It needed the 3 models exactly for us to satisfy consumers in the functions and prices
Generally speakihg ,SW174W is wireless LAN system ,the others are available by Network cable.
Those 3 models correspond to H264&JPEG , panning-tilt and smart phone monitoring in common.
The difference between SW172 and SW175 is HD images , SW172/SVGA 800x600 SW175/HD1280x960.
SW175 is more high specification than SW172.

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