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  • What is an IP Masquerade?

    IP Masquerade is a technology which shares a single global address between two or more PCs. TCP/UDP port numbers are converted dynamically unlike NAT, so it can be connected simultaneously to on... and more...

    • No:6887
    • Open Date:2018/08/31 14:05
  • What kind of function is "iA (Intelligent Auto Mode)" in i-PRO cameras?

    iA (Intelligent Auto Mode) is the Panasonic original technology to improve the identification in a severe visual recognition environment. It is the function to improve the identification of the co... and more...

    • No:6828
    • Open Date:2018/06/26 09:13
    • Updated Date:2018/06/26 13:42
  • What kind of function is SD (Super Dynamic)?

    SD (Super Dynamic) is a function that creates composite images from images shot at different shutter speeds and adjusts the brightness pixel by pixel to capture more natural images of objects even ... and more...

    • No:6815
    • Open Date:2018/06/14 16:31
  • What is aperture(contour) compensation?

    Aperture (Contour) compensation is an image quality adjustment function that enhances a contour of the image to make the image clearer. Vertical and horizontal contour compensation are available. and more...

    • No:6817
    • Open Date:2018/06/14 16:31
  • What kind of function is back light compensation?

    Backlight compensation is a function that the camera to capture an object by opening the exposure and sacrificing the background even if the subject is on the front of the backlight. and more...

    • No:6816
    • Open Date:2018/06/14 16:30
  • What is the aperture level?

    The aperture level is an intensity of outline compensation. If the aperture level is increased, an outline of images is clear and images will be sharper. On the other hand, if the aperture level... and more...

    • No:6780
    • Open Date:2018/04/16 08:22
  • What kind of function is SCC (Super Chrome Compensation)?

    SCC (Super Chrome Compensation) is a function to be able to achieve color images even under low illumination. It is improved sensitivity by removing an IR cut filter even under low illumination w... and more...

    • No:6782
    • Open Date:2018/04/13 14:07
  • What is a flicker-less mode (Indoor scene (50 Hz) / Indoor scene (60 Hz))?

    Flicker-less mode (Indoor scene (50 Hz) / Indoor scene (60 Hz)) will automatically be adjusted to prevent flicker caused by fluorescent light. Fluorescent light is blinking by 100 Hz or 120 Hz (t... and more...

    • No:6779
    • Open Date:2018/04/13 14:02
  • What are flares and a ghosts?

    Flares are a phenomenon that a strong light source reflects unnecessarily by the lens surface and mirror frame. Ghost is a phenomenon that a strong light source reflects unnecessarily by the lens... and more...

    • No:6781
    • Open Date:2018/04/13 14:01
  • What is the maximum shutter time?

    The maximum shutter time is the longest time to accumulate photoelectrons by the CMOS image sensor. If the maximum shutter time lengthens, a screen can become brighter by improving sensitivity und... and more...

    • No:6773
    • Open Date:2018/04/02 08:50

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