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  • Please explain: VPN

    Service used to make public lines as private lines. Many companies are using this as a new medium of communication instead of costly private lines. Depending on service, VPN also provides a secure ... and more...

    • No:314
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: WAN

    Allows physically separated PCs, such as between the head office and a branch office, to connect via a phone line or private line data for exchanging. and more...

    • No:313
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Web browser

    A software application which enables to display web pages. Microsoft Internet Explorer is one of the most widely used web browser. and more...

    • No:312
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: HD (Hgh Definition)

    HD is the general term to describe high-definition images (720 or more vertical pixels) with higher quality compared to SD (Standard Definition). and more...

    • No:311
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40

121-124 of Total 124