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  • What is aperture(contour) compensation?

    Aperture (Contour) compensation is an image quality adjustment function that enhances a contour of the image to make the image clearer. Vertical and horizontal contour compensation are available. and more...

    • No:6817
    • Open Date:2018/06/14 16:31
  • What kind of function is SD (Super Dynamic)?

    SD (Super Dynamic) is a function that creates composite images from images shot at different shutter speeds and adjusts the brightness pixel by pixel to capture more natural images of objects even ... and more...

    • No:6815
    • Open Date:2018/06/14 16:31
  • What kind of function is "iA (Intelligent Auto Mode)" in i-PRO cameras?

    iA (Intelligent Auto Mode) is the Panasonic original technology to improve the identification in a severe visual recognition environment. It is the function to improve the identification of the co... and more...

    • No:6828
    • Open Date:2018/06/26 09:13
    • Updated Date:2018/06/26 13:42
  • What is an IP Masquerade?

    IP Masquerade is a technology which shares a single global address between two or more PCs. TCP/UDP port numbers are converted dynamically unlike NAT, so it can be connected simultaneously to on... and more...

    • No:6887
    • Open Date:2018/08/31 14:05

121-124 of Total 124